<h1>ZERO STUDIOS, STUDIO D'ENREGISTREMENT DE ROGER SHEPHERD A TOULOUSE EN FRANCE</h1> <h2>Après son projet <a href="realisation-audio-son-vintage.php">MINDSTORE, 2 albums parues chez Marina Record</a>, <a href="http://zero.studios.free.fr">Roger Shepherd</a> prépare un nouveau projet appelé ROGBOY. Basé près de Toulouse en France, au sein de son <a href="http://zero.studios.free.fr/audio-realisations.php">studio d'enregistrement</a> "Zero Studios" vous propose <a href="studio-enregistrement-mixage-son.php">enregistrement, mixage, prise de son, enregistrement des voix, d'instruments acoustiques, guitares électrique</a>. Avec un orgue Hammond m103 de 1966 avec leslie cabinet 251, son Fender rhodes 73 mk 1, le Rhodes mk 60 digital, Korg micro preset synth 1974, Harmonium(indian), Gibson chet atkins, Takamine EN 20 acoustic, Yamaha FG200, Fender musicman bass , Fender precision bass, Fender twin reverb amp(1976), Sound craft desk - Studio 24.8.2 with automation,56 channels at mixdown,parametric eq,48v ,4 stereo fx returns,all channel inserts, des micros, une table de mixage.<br> Roland jv1020+expansion cards, 2 x 950s akai samplers, various midi machines. Apple mac computers, sequencing and direct to tape smpte sync. Akg bx 20 e- spring reverb, Roland re-501 delay echo, Mxr flanger doubler, Akg bx 20 e- spring reverb, Roland re-501 delay echo, Mxr flanger doubler, new Lexicon x 2 mpx 1’s, Digitech, Zoom advanced enhancer, Compression. Tla valve classic c1, Behringer mx 2000, Tla valve classic eq, 1,4 band parametric. </h2> <h2> <a href="contact-roger-shepherd.php">Rogers Shepherd personal projects are searching for a rock pop drummer , and brass section players ,string section players ie quartets soloist's.</a> At zero studios there is always a need for session players and people intrested in longer term comitments. Devis personnalisé Professionnel cd mastering tous formats Enregistrement analogique avec classic fx Industry standard micros / pre-amps etc ... Producteur expérimenté / musicien du Royaume-Uni.</h2>
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Zero studios began life in Glasgow ,Scotland in 1992. It ‘s owner Roger Shepherd had been based in Glasgow working and recording as an artist with Marina / Intercord (EMI) records. Now situated in Toulouse, France ,ZERO has begun working with local acts, new and more established aswell as still working with projects in the UK. In general zero studios has recorded a whole range of musical people,maybe ZERO STUDIOS can offer something different and fresh for your recordings …
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